We are a small group of creative people in a huge company
We are looking for great Digital Designers
or whom we used to call Web Designers.
Apply Now!
We need someone who is:

Proficient in digital and/or web design and tools/services associated in building a great website or any other digital products

Quick and fast in translating content & update needs into ideas and design

Have knowledge in branding, identity design, typography and information design

Have an eye for details/errors in deliverables

Strong skills in Adobe Suites software implementation

Able to code in latest HTML, understands CSS, and others technology language associated with it

Work well in a team, have the necessary interpersonal skills and are willing to work under the guidance of our Product Manager, Senior Art Directors and Content Editors

Have an excellent feeling for what's hot and what’s not in design
I can:

Design and conceptualise compelling, innovative websites, banners, emails, web applications, working closely with the Art Director and Interactive Production Manager working across a wide variety of brands

Achieve project outcomes by given deadlines in collaboration with developer and other multi-disciplinary team membersInnovate and develop creative interactive solutions utilising existing and future trends and technologies to benefit COMPANY Interactive and their clients

Deliver projects within timelines and to budget

Ensure that all designs comply with operational requirements

Keep current with the latest design issues and software

Be self-motivated with a positive attitude and have strong communications skills
Tell us about yourself:

You know, just to break the ice..
What is your full name? *

and maybe phone number too?

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Your LinkedIn profile

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Do you know Adobe suites? *

Which Adobe Suite are you familiar with? *

You know, to design and such.

You said you know digital...

Now, are you any good in front-end development? *

Does HTML5, CSS3 & JQuery sounds familiar to you?
How well do you know HTML5 & CSS3? *

It does go well together don't you think?
How's your JQuery/JS knowledge? *

1. Maybe, not so much but I know HTML5
2. Just the basic
3. I can write them with my eyes closed
4. If JQuery is a superpower, I'd be a superhero!
5. I pretty much invented them!

Now, we need your resume for now, as simple as that! *

Please upload either Microsoft Word document or pdf file. That's the safest bet for us to get it opened.
Do you have any portfolio website?

Showcase of works that you've done, preferably recent digital design works.
(e.g: dribble, behance, Adobe Portfolio, etc)
Your application are in for our consideration! 
We appreciate your interest in this position and wish you success in achieving your career goals. 

If you didn't hear us in a week or two, you may not be shortlisted.
Good luck!
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We appreciate your continued focus on growth opportunities within and ask that you submit your resume for other positions that may interest you.
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